Resort Academy

Resort Academy is a 2 year program in Lodging Management that partners the high schools and the Coeur d’Alene Resort to provide a comprehensive curriculum in the hospitality and tourism industry. Class is held at the CDA Resort.

Year 1 students will work with the management team of different departments (housekeeping & laundry, front desk, reservations, Dockside food service & preparation, Convention Center Food service & preparation, and spa, at the CDA Resort for two days each week. Year 1 students are also responsible for researching and planning the annual three day spring trip for all members of the Resort Academy. Professional reading and writing is done with industry trade journals. Journal writing will be used to record worksite learning and off-site visitations.

Year 2 students will work with various departments including transportation, engineering, sales, catering and accounting. Students will have direct participation in the CDA Resort’s strategic development. Year 2 students will be using their experience in the hospitality/tourism industry by planning and bringing to fruition a fundraising project to benefit a local charity. This project is known as “Teens Reaching Out”. Professional reading and writing and reflective journaling will continue in this course