Sariah Vieira-Jesienouski

"The decisions you make about your work life are especially important, since most people spend more of their waking lives working than doing anything else. Your choices will affect not only yourself and those closest to you, but in some way the whole world." -Laurence G. Boldt

As a College and Career Counselor, Sariah has helped hundreds of students by providing counseling services geared towards identifying and pursing satisfying careers, managing a successful college and career transition, and take advantage of new professional and educational opportunities. Having experienced a positive college and career transition after graduating from Lakeland High School in Rathdrum, Sariah enjoys working with students to find their work passion and helping them move into meaningful and rewarding careers. Sariah helps students explore career options, determine necessary training, and create career plans.

Sariah is an expert in all phases of the career and college transition. Her experience includes designing and delivering professional development workshops and providing individual advising on a variety of topics including college placement, financial planning for continued education, winning scholarships, career management, job search, resume writing, interview preparation, networking, workplace excellence, career readiness, leadership, soft skills, and technology as a career tool. In addition to her career counseling experience, Sariah brings energy and creativity to her work with students transitioning into the world of work. She enjoys mentoring students to help make a difference in their lives and strives to provide inspiration and support during times of transition.

Sariah has a professional background in fine art careers, small business management, employee recruitment, event management, luxury product sales, entrepreneurship, and employee development. Sariah was born and raised in Idaho. She earned a B.A. degree in International Studies from the University of Idaho and she holds certifications qualifying her to teach Diversity & Stratification and Workplace Excellence. She spent a semester studying abroad at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland and a summer at a language school in Paris, France. She developed a passion for service learning after volunteering in Northern Mexico and Western Africa during high school and college. Sariah and her husband are excited to welcome their first baby this year. Together they enjoy spending their time hiking, skiing, camping, and foraging throughout the Inland Northwest.