Administrators Return

All Teachers Return

Labor Day (No School)

First Day with Students

State-Wide In-Service Day (No School for students)

End of First Quarter (No SChool for Students)

Conferences (No School for students)

Thanksgiving Break (No School)

Christmas Break (No School)

Martin Luther King Day (No School)

End of 1st Semester Workday (No School for students)

President’s Day (No School)

End of Third Quarter (No School for students)

Spring Break (No School)

Memorial Day (No School)

End of 2nd Semester/Last Day with Students

Last Day For Teachers

August 20

August 27

September 3

September 4

October 5

November 2

November 19

November 20-23

Dec 24 – Jan 4

January 21

January 25

February 18

March 22

Mar 25 – Mar 29

May 27

June 7

June 10

DownloKTEC CALENDAR 18-19ad the KTEC Calendar.