Health Professions/CNA

Health Professions/CNA is a 2 year course.

Year 1 Introduction to Health Professions

This course is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the health care system and introduction to the roles of various members of the healthcare team. Current trends and issues in healthcare are explored and discussed. Professionalism according to industry standards, legal and ethical issues, and job descriptions for health occupations will be reviewed along with job shadowing experience.

Additional curriculum includes basic anatomy and physiology, infection control, as well as an introduction to medical terminology. Students will also receive their American Heart Association CPR Certification.

(Year 1 is a prerequisite for Year 2)

Year 2 Idaho Certified Nursing Assistant Certification

During this year, students will be provided instruction through classroom theory, lab and clinical skills in preparation for the Idaho State Nursing Assistant Certification exam. Students will have supervised clinical experience in both long-term care and acute hospital care settings in preparation for state certification.

Additional curriculum includes: Stop the Bleed Certification, Dual Credit Medical Terminology and the opportunity to complete Assistance with Medications Certification for Unlicensed Assistive Personnel.

The KTEC Health Professions / CNA Program is an active member of HOSA-Future Health Professionals, the career and technical student organization (CTSO) specifically dedicated to student leadership and preparing students for careers in the healthcare industry. Each year, KTEC sends qualifying students to participate in the HOSA State and International Leadership Conferences.